How the Fattest Kid in his Class
Overcame the Impossible and Created…

The Bloomberg Method

The New Gentle Training System
That Melts 3-4 Pounds Off
Any Body, Every Week

Read this controversial article to discover:

  • The weight loss secret that “insists” on regular naps and spending the weekend watching movies!
  • How to get a ripped body in weeks – not – months (and spend less time in the gym, too!)
  • The Fitness Scandal that swindles millions of Americans out of billions of dollars every year!
  • Who the Hollywood elite calls when they have a “audition” emergency
  • How to get your own FREE consultation with the most successful fitness trainer in America!

Most trainers are over-training their clients.Dear Friend,

I know what you’re about to read probably goes against everything you’ve ever read or heard.

It’s actually so simple and basic that the majority of people I tell this to (who haven’t yet experienced it) usually look at me in disbelief.

Here it is. Most trainers are over-training their clients!

Yep, if you have a trainer that has been flogging away at your body with no results for the last 12 months, call them up and fire them right now.


Put on your most comfortable pair of pajamas, close the curtains, and take a nap.

When you wake up – your body will be much better off than if you spend that time training to exhaustion in the gym.

Have I Lost My Mind?


For over 30 years I’ve been training professional athletes and A-list celebrities including:

  • Catherine Bell – JAG, Army Wives
  • Leah Remini – King of Queens
  • Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler
  • Chick Corea – Grammy Award winning composer and musician
  • and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, to name a few

Each of these clients were astounded by my unorthodox but shockingly effective training techniques.

Here’s a funny example of what I call the…

Weekend Weight Loss Miracle

Kirstie Alley, one of my favorite and most fun clients, was struggling with finding a routine that would provide immediate results and she could stick with.  She was pretty stressed out and was tired of the run-around she was getting from other trainers.  When we talked, she was shocked when I instructed her to:

  • Put on her pajamas
  • Sleep and watch her favorite movies

Kirstie lost 4 pounds that weekend. Not a bad start…
This type of fitness “stunt” has gotten me attacked, made fun of, and been the cause of a bunch of crazy looks.  The old “no pain-no gain” crew aren’t too happy with The Bloomberg Method approach that emphasizes “undertraining” rather than expensive and counter-productive marathon sessions in the gym.

I’m in the dog house because I dare to ask:

  • What happens if you could get the body of your dreams in just a few short weeks – is that good for business?
  • What if you learn how to train yourself and get incredible results – on your own – is that good for the mega-training facilities?
  • What if you could achieve your strength goals without paying for (or financing) a house full of exercise equipment?

If you use The Bloomberg Method, you can and will achieve your goals and can get on with your life.

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Let’s Be Honest, You’re Sick and Tired of Going to the Gym With Little or No Results

Most people hate spending 10-20 hours in the gym weekly (no wonder…it’s counter-productive). The gym is there to deliver results not become a prison.

And your trainer isn’t supposed to be your mortal enemy or prison warden, threatening to make you do more lunges because your weight didn’t go down yesterday.

In fact, your trainer should be there to simplify your path to your body and fitness goals.  Not a lifelong crutch telling you why it’s ok you haven’t reached your targets and still accepting his/her monthly check.

What if I told you you could attain your goals…and maintain them. What if you could hire a Clearwater personal trainer that gets you results and shows you how to maintain your regimen – on your own!

Warning!  Marathon Gym Sessions Look Great on Paper but Won’t Do You Any Good

At age 14, I got my hands on a Muscle Magazine and I vowed to look like those athletes.

Every day I could be seen working out or helping other trainers work their clients. I loved the gym atmosphere and hated to leave.

But even then I noticed that many people at the gym never seemed to make any real progress. Some of those people should have been Olympic athletes or cover models based on the time they spent on the weights or treadmills.

However, most people had little or no results to show for their months of fanatic gym attendance.

Are you in the same boat?

Do you spend 5 days a week in the gym but don’t see any noticeable difference in how you look?

If so then you are not alone because most people give up when they don’t see any results from the time and money spent. It reminds me of a Zig Ziglar quote…“I went on a 30 day diet and all I lost was a month.”

That’s why most people hire trainers. They are hoping that some one-on-one help will bring instant progress.

Unfortunately, what really happens is all they get is a cheerleading session and sore muscles and joints.

It’s called Failure Training, and while effective for a very select few well-conditioned individuals, it is completely unnecessary.

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The Surprising Trigger Your Body Must See Before It Will Build Muscle or Burn Fat

I mentioned before that I was a card-carrying gym rat.

However, much to my horror, I did get sick and injured. I would take time off for a couple of days or weeks going stir crazy. I was sure that my “time off” would ruin my training regimen and set me back weeks or months.

Luckily I was smart enough not to attempt workouts when my body wasn’t prepared. So I did nothing until I felt 100% and ready to beat my body back into shape.

I would rush into the gym, grab a partner, and start training – and EVERY time something totally unexpected would happen.

I was actually stronger and in better shape than when I left!

I realized that working to failure was holding back my progress! Just simple rest and planned workouts kicked the butt of forced failure workouts!

That’s right. I lifted more weight, had more stamina, and completely crushed my cardio workouts. I left my lifting buddy swearing that I was working out at home!


I had actually stumbled on to something that is the silver bullet that all trainers spend a career looking for –

I discovered…

The Magic of Progressive Under-Training – AKA “The Bloomberg Method”

This is how The Bloomberg Method works –

You and I create a training routine that gradually increases in intensity every week. You get in the gym and work BUT you don’t work to muscle failure. That’s right – you end your workout before you reach exhaustion.

The key is to set long term fitness goals and systematically crush them. Reaching your goals is simple because you aren’t exhausted, bored, or fearing your next “failure training” session. With The Bloomberg Method you will actually enjoy your workouts and look forward to getting back in the gym.

Here’s the kicker…

The Bloomberg Method works every time – guaranteed.

Your body is built for this go-slow, stair-step-method and it will reward you with explosive results.

Here’s what a Catherine Bell, the stunning actress from JAG and Army Wives had to say about The Bloomberg Method

My body changed more in two days than it’s ever changed even in weeks of intense workout!

I am not kidding you… my body changed in two days more than it’s ever changed even in weeks of intense workout!

I went from 2 weeks of vacation mode, no workouts, eating tons over the holidays….. to feeling firm & toned & better in a bikini than I have in so long!

Catherine Bell, Actress, ?JAG, Army Wives

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How The Bloomberg Method Restored My Ability to Walk

In 1986, I competed in the Texas State Powerlifting Championships. Everything was going perfect. My warm-ups were easy, and even though I was slightly nervous, I felt that I would walk away with a record lift.

On stage, I lifted the near-800-pound weight and began my descent, lowering the bar, to the floor. Suddenly, I heard a horrific pop and found myself on the floor unable to move. The sound was me ripping both of my legs and my ankle from their joints. I also learned that I also ripped countless ligaments, muscles and just about everything else in both knees.

At the hospital, the doctor all but guaranteed that I would never walk normally again, if at all. Too much damage had been inflicted on my legs.

I disagreed.

After 6 ½ hours of surgery, I recuperated and began implementing The Bloomberg Method.

Each day, I gradually trained my legs to function again. Every week I added another “baby step” to my regimen. After two weeks, I told my doctors to take me off the pain meds. Without the meds, I was forced to get plenty of rest and force myself to sleep.

As before, I discovered that my recovery was easier after ample rest.

4 1/2 month later, I was up on crutches and walking by myself. Not bad for a guy who was never supposed to walk again. This was done with absolutely no physical therapy or rehab.

These months were a blessing, because it gave me the time to perfect The Bloomberg Method that I want to teach you today.

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How You Can Use The Bloomberg Method to Climb Your Personal Mount Everest

Are you facing a near-impossible situation?

Tell me,

Do you have to lose an impossible amount of weight or risk serious health repercussions?

Are you auditioning for a career-making role that requires someone several sizes smaller than you?

Has your training stalled and you don’t know what to do next?

These situations are tailor-made for The Bloomberg Method.

But there’s a catch…

You can’t simply learn The Bloomberg Method by reading a book. Its power lies in its ability to adapt to any body type, schedule, and fitness requirement. Just like a suit or dress, The Bloomberg Method must be tailored to fit you. You need a complete program to get the maximum benefit.


Depending on your situation, you may need to supplement The Bloomberg Method with a nutritional plan, recovery, and day-to-day coaching. I’ve found this true for clients who need to rapidly lose weight –

Like Geoff Fushi…

“He Saved
My Life…”

I just want to let you know that if it wasn’t for Steve…I wouldn’t be here today! To say he saved my life would not be an exaggeration. IT’S TRUE!

My family called Steve and asked him to come to Chicago and save me from myself. I was close to 310 pounds, walked with a cane and walking up A STEP was a chore. Being that Steve was one of only 2 people in the world that my daughter said I listened to, he was definitely the right choice.

We started the day after he arrived and 5 months later I had lost 90 pounds! I was a different person. We didn’t do hard exercise or insane eating programs. Everything was spot on and dare I say even FUN! Steve was there for my meals and even went to work with me and helped support the company and family. If you get the opportunity to train with Steve….DO IT!!!!!!

You can’t afford not to!

Geoff Fushi, owner of Bein & Fushi

So, you and I will need to work together to meet your goal.

Don’t be worried. As you can see, I am not like other trainers out there. I care about you and your goals first. I am not looking to milk your bank account. I am committed to transforming you into the person of your dreams. The person you really are. The person you long to see in the mirror.

Here’s the good news. I am not promising dreams. I’m promising “certainty”.

You will achieve your goals –

  • Without grueling gym sessions
  • Without expensive gym memberships
  • Without expensive equipment
  • Without fussy and complicated dieting plans

When you have reached the mountain top – you will be able to add your story to the ones below…

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Here’s what others have had to say…

“Steve revolutionized volume, isometric, and progressive resistance training for the everyday and professional athlete.”

Fitness experts today are using models and protocols that Steve Bloomberg has been utilizing for over 20 years. Steve revolutionized volume, isometric, and progressive resistance training for the everyday and professional athlete. I owe a lot of my success to Steve Bloomberg and his unselfish knowledge he shared while training with him personally. –Dr.Glen T. Garlington

“I went from skinny with a gut to ripped and muscular.”

After the first month of workouts (done on a beautiful gradient), I saw a huge difference – I didn’t recognize my own body. I went from skinny with a gut to ripped and muscular. If you get the opportunity to work out with him in person, take it. If you can’t swing that, get one of his tailor-made programs and start on it from wherever you are. Part of my training was done while traveling and I know that if you follow his instructions you will get results. My only regret is not having started sooner.–Craig Taylor, Clothing Designer


You are amazing regarding how you put the sequence of exercises together and expertise regarding knowing the exact level of entry and intensity of training to produce the optimum short and long term results.

Bruce Harris, Chiropractic Physician

“I can tell you, he’s the best.”

If there was a degree called ?Doctor of Body Function, Steve Bloomberg would have one.

I have used Steve as a trainer for several years and I can tell you, he’s the best. Steve understands what areas of the body need to be worked out. And his methods of strengthening and stretching are like no other I have ever seen or used.

It doesn’t matter your age or condition—you should use Steve to restore your natural body function. –Dr. Michael Pinkus

“I lost 17 pounds within 30 days.”

I had been struggling with weight loss for years, I had lost the first easy 5 pounds but did not make it beyond that. I then started working with Steve and got on a simple program. Within 30 days I lost 17 pounds. I had tried a lot of programs and diets before I met up with Steve. This was the first time I did something so simple with such a dramatic change in weight. I also felt good, with no spells of tiredness or moodiness or other discomforts that usually go hand in hand with dieting. Love — Lorin.

“I am sleeping better and definitely need less sleep as well.”

Interestingly enough, the weight lifting seems to be really helping my shoulder. All these different exercises working my shoulder in the various ways seems to be moving the healing process along. As the muscles in the shoulder have strengthened and rebuilt the pain has diminished and the range of mobility has increased. Thought you might like to know. By the way and as a direct result of the weight training I am sleeping better and definitely need less sleep as well There is a feeling you get when you do weights of strength/power/energy and clarity.

“My body is coming alive.”

The body really responds. The gradient is good. I don’t know if I could handle more even if I were to say “bring it on”. I leave the gym feeling the workout. I can feel the body tightening up. Posturing better. Feels healthy. My body is coming alive. Looks like your bent on working all the muscles everywhere. Good. Thanks, Ed

“I actually went out and bought 3 new bathing suits.”

I sure do miss you! I have been working out on my own. Max (son) rides his bicycle around after me as I am running and jogging, lunging and squatting in our neighborhood streets. He is in charge of counting my reps. He’s not as tough as you are and does let me wimp out if I can’t get to the desired number of lunges, but quickly finds a shady area and says, “Okay Mom, here you can do more… Right here!” I am becoming the lunge queen. It helps that my kids notice the difference. I actually went out and bought 3 new bathing suits (there was a sale!). Love, Annie Carradine

“I lost 23 pounds in 2 months!”

Working with Steve via e-mail I lost 23 pounds in 2 months! Not only am I continuing to lose weight, I feel great, I have more energy than I’ve had in years and I’ve been taken off my blood pressure medicine. Thanks Steve for all your help and support! Jennie

“He is the BEST!”

Working out with Steve KEEPS me in good shape. Whereas I can work out by myself, when I see Steve I get more done, feel better and look better. He is the BEST that I know when it comes to training. He UNDERSTANDS the body! Robert Schwartz

How to Get Started for FREE!

I’m not going to bore you with the usual sales pitches, for example:

  • What I normally charge and the deal you’re getting
  • How many slots are free
  • Why you should hurry or you’ll miss out forever

I have so many loyal clients because I get results quick.  Remember, I’m a speed-dial contact for:

…Celebrities desperate for quick solutions to get those “slim” or “muscular” parts

…Wealthy Brides-to-Be needing to fit into an impossibly small dress in weeks (not months).

…Many call when it’s a life or death situation

To get started, I insist on giving you a free fitness assessment.

During this interview, we will discuss:

  • Your fitness and/or weight loss goals
  • We will review your lifestyle, schedule, and personal situation to determine how to integrate The Bloomberg Method into your life
  • We’ll review your diet and nutritional requirements
  • I will construct a safe plan of action to meet your goals

This consultation is absolutely FREE.

We can use this time to get to know one other. At the end, you will have the information to decide if you want to hire me as your Clearwater personal trainer.

Even if you decide to not work with me, you will have the information from the free consultation to use as you see fit.

You have nothing to lose –

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Steve Bloomberg
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